Welcome to NewSong!

For some, walking into a new place can be a little intimidating.  Our hope is that you will quickly feel welcomed and at home at NewSong Church.  Here are some things your can expect when you arrive for your first visit.

  • welcome team

    At 9:15am, our doors open and the Welcome Team is waiting to greet you and help you feel at home.  They will offer you a Worship Guide that explains more about us and the order of service, as well as the events we have going on in the near future.  We also have a brochure about NewSong to answer some Frequently Asked Questions.  Look for the folks wearing the WELCOME TEAM tag.

  • HEBREWS Café 

    Every Sunday at 9:15am, our HeBrews Café opens to greet you with a hot cup of java...or tea, or hot cocoa, or cold water -- you get the picture.  Yummy treats are also available to enjoy while greeting one another before the service begins.  NewSong loves people.  We are friendly and welcoming.  We look forward to meeting you!

  • Nursery

    We have a Nursery for children from newborn to potty-trained.  It is located across the hall from the bathrooms.  We offer a changing table and supplies for making the "change" convenient, and gliders for rocking and nursing your baby.

  • kids' church

    We offer Kids' Church during the service: one class for kids 3yrs through 1st grade, and another class for bigger kids in 2nd through 5th grades.  If you'd like to tour our Kids' classrooms, please ask one of the Welcome Team -- just look for someone with the WELCOME TEAM tag.

  • Praise and worship

    Worship begins at 10 AM.  We open our Worship time with music, singing, prayer and fellowship.  Our music is contemporary and God-focused.  After our opening song, we spend a few minutes greeting one another and then regroup for more time of worship.

  • The message

    We will hear a message that is relevant and biblical.  Videos, dance and drama may be incorporated to help us have a deeper understanding and experience.  Our hope is that everyone will experience fellowship with God and with one another in a way that strengthens and encourages. 

    All translations welcome.

  • Dress Code

    Come as you are!  We are non-traditional, contemporary and casual.