LIFE Groups

We believe in the importance of small groups of believers meeting to study, care and pray for one another, and serve together by reaching out to their community.  LIFE Groups meet on-campus and off-campus in homes on different days of the week.  They provide friendly fellowship, spiritual learning, accountability among believers, and a hospitable environment for anyone to come as they are, experience God's love and discover a relationship with Him and His people.  If you would like to know more, please contact us.


S.W.I.M. stands for Seniors With an Important Mission.  They are mostly retired folks who enjoy meeting together with others who are experiencing the same season of life.  They meet at NewSong Church for the access-friendly environment.


T.N.T. (Tantrums 'n' Tears) took this humorous name because they are mostly families with young children.  While the little ones enjoy fun-time together, their parents have an opportunity for some much-needed adult time with others who are experiencing the same season of life.  


P.P.B (The Paper Plate Brigade) is a Small Group made up of people from a variety of stages of life, from parents with older kids to single working adults. 

Mixed Nuts

This Small Group is eclectic and multi-generational with interests ranging from symphonic music to demolition derby.

Boomers & X-ers

This Small Group is made up of 40-somethings plus. It's a diverse group of folks from outside North Carolina and some who were born here.